Hearing Loss &

Public Health

Nearly 1 in 7 Americans ages 35 and older have bilateral hearing loss, and the risk of developing bilateral hearing loss increases exponentially after age 35.

About 1 in 140 people ages 18 to 34 have bilateral hearing loss, but this number increases to a little under 1 in 11 between ages 35 and 64, to over 1 in 3 among people ages 65 to 74, and nearly 3 in4 among people over 75. State programs for early detection of hearing loss in infants and newborns are well established and many states have school-based screening. However, routine hearing screenings for adults and public hearing loss education campaigns are largely nonexistent. Research shows such programs can be particularly beneficial among people ages 35+, in rural counties, and among those with challenging socioeconomic conditions.

By the Numbers

National hearing loss estimates at a glance

0.7% to 8.9% Hearing loss among adults ages 35-64 is 12 times higher than adults ages 18-34.
1 in 3 Americans ages 65-74 is estimated to have any bilateral hearing loss
37.9 million 1 in 9 Americans have any bilateral hearing loss

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