Hearing Loss &

Primary Care

If you talk with your patients about hearing loss, are they hearing you? Many people can’t admit they are struggling to hear. But untreated hearing loss is a risk factor for loneliness, depression, or even dementia.

Your patients - even in their early 30s - can have hearing loss and the rate of hearing loss increases exponentially at 35. Among people ages 35-64 the rate of hearing loss is 1 in 11, up from 1 in 140 among people ages 18-34. The earlier we diagnose and manage hearing loss, the better their outcome. You can change the trajectory of your patients’ hearing health just like you change their path for better vision or heart health. Regular screenings and preventive hearing protection are essential and are important for physical and mental wellbeing.

By the Numbers

National hearing loss estimates at a glance.

~50% The percentage of Americans 18+ who don't think about hearing
3 out 4 Number of your patients age 75+ who have any hearing loss
30% Wearing hearing aids may reduce your risk of dementia by as much as 30%

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