Hearing Loss &

Your Health

Your hearing is important to your health and wellbeing. Rates of hearing loss increases exponentially at about age 35 and while hearing loss increases significantly when you get older, you are never too young to experience hearing loss.

Every time you go to a concert or sports arena, mow your lawn, shoot a gun or blow dry your hair you can lose hearing and it is not reversible. But there are ways to prevent further hearing loss. You can protect your hearing with ear protection and get regular hearing screening. Newer data tells us that untreated hearing loss can contribute to loneliness, depression, and dementia. Worried about your hearing or your parents’ or friend’s hearing? Ask your doctor how to get tested and learn how to manage your hearing health. 

By the Numbers

Hearing loss prevalence stats.

30% If you have any hearing loss, wearing hearing aids reduces your risk of dementia by 30%
44% Percentage of people who shoot firearms who don't always wear hearing protection
79% Percentage of people who use power tools who don't always wear hearing protection

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